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Benjamin Franklin
Haastec2011_01 HaasTec 2011, March 10~12
Haastec2011_02 Hitachi Seiki FMS
Haastec2011_03 Wow! Haas EC-630 FMS
Haastec2011_04 Assorted Haas HMC
Haastec2011_b16 Physical Size of Haas Automation
Haastec2011_b06 Haas Inspection Rooom
Haastec2011_06 Haas SL20 APL (TL25 APL to the right)
Haastec2011_b05 Haas TL-25 APL
Haastec2011_05 Robot Grinding Cells
Haastec2011_08 Haas Robotic Cells & Large Gantry Mills
Haastec2011_07 Haas Robotic Cell
Haastec2011_09 Haas Lathe Assembly Area
Haastec2011_b07 Haas Toolroom Lathe Assembly Area
Haastec2011_b08 Haas Toolroom Lathe Assembly Area
Haastec2011_10 Haas Castings
Haastec2011_11 Haas Ready for Worldwide Shipment
Haastec2011_13 More Haas robotic cells
Haastec2011_12 Mori Seiki FMS
Haastec2011_14 Haas HS-2 still milling . . .
Haastec2011_15 More Haas making Haas parts
Haastec2011_16 100,000th Haas
Haastec2011_17 A Cluster of Haas VS-3
Haastec2011_18 Haas VS-3
Haastec2011_19 Assembly of Haas VF-6SS
Haastec2011_20 Haas Control Cabinet Testing Area
Haastec2011_b10 Haas Service Shipping Area
Haastec2011_b11 Haas DT-1 Assembly
Haastec2011_21 Haas VMC Assembly Area
Haastec2011_22 Haas VF-1 1988 and 2011
Haastec2011_23 Haas VF-1, American Ingenuity!
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