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Agile Web Development with Rails 4th Ed
by: Ruby, Thomas, Hansson
Year: 2011, Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 978-1-9343565-4-8, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Art of Electronics, The
by: Paul Horwitz, Winfield Hill
Year: 1989, Publisher: Cambridge Press
ISBN: 978-0-5213709-5-0, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Automated Machines & Toolmaking, 5th
by: Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller
Year: 2004, Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-7645552-8-2, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
by: Mikell P. Groover
Year: 2001, Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 978-0-1308897-8-2, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Building The Tesla Turbine
by: Vincent R. Gingery
Year: 2004, Publisher: Dvid J Gingery Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-8780872-9-4, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Build Your Own Electronics Workshop
by: Tom Petruzzellis
Year: 2005, Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 978-0-0714472-4-9, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

CNC Progamming Techniques
by: Peter Smid
Year: 2006, Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 978-0-8311318-5-2, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

CNC Programming Handbook, 2nd
by: Peter Smid
Year: 2003, Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 978-0-8311315-8-6, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Computer Numberical Control Simplified
by: Krar, Gill, Smid
Year: 2001, Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 978-0-8311313-3-3, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Computer Numerical Control
by: S.C. Jonathan Lin
Year: 1994, Publisher: Delmar Publishers Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-8273471-5-1, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

C Programming for Microcontrollers
by: Joe Pardue
Year: 2005, Publisher: Smiley Micros
ISBN: 978-0-9766822-0-2, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Die Design Fundamentals, 3rd
by: Vukota Boljanovic, J.R. Paquin
Year: 2006, Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 978-0-8311311-9-7, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

DIY Funiture
by: Christopher Stuart
Year: 2011, Publisher: Laurence King
ISBN: 978-1-8566974-2-2, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Electric Vehicle Technology Explained
by: Larminie, Lowry
Year: 2003, Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-4708516-3-0, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects
by: Forrest M. Mims III
Year: 2007, Publisher: Master
ISBN: 978-0-9450533-1-6, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR, 2nd
by: Barnett, Cox, and O'Cull
Year: 2007, Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning
ISBN: 978-1-4180395-9-2, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Emotional Design
by: Donald A Norman
Year: 2004, Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 978-0-4650513-6-6, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Fanuc CNC Custom Macros
by: Peter Smid
Year: 2005, Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 978-0-8311315-7-9, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronics Circuits
by: Anant Agarwal, Jeffrey H. Lang
Year: 2005, Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 978-1-5586073-5-4, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Gears and Gear Cutting
by: Ivan Law
Year: 2002, Publisher: Special Interest Model
ISBN: 978-1-8524291-1-2, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

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