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Benjamin Franklin 1871
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The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 1st Ed.
by: ARRL
Year: 2006, Publisher: ARRL
ISBN: 978-0-8725996-3-5, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

The Design of Everyday Things
by: Donald A Norman
Year: 1988, Publisher: Perseus Books
ISBN: 978-0-4650671-0-7, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Theory of Horology 2nd, The
by: Reymondin, Monnier, Jeanneret, Pelaratti
Year: 2005, Publisher: Swiss FET
ISBN: 978-2-9400251-2-1, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

TIG Welding for Dummies (Miller Ed)
by: John Swartz, Brad Memmert
Year: 2008, Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-4702445-5-5, Format: Softcover w/DVD, Status: Bookshelf

Ugly's Electrical References, 2008 ed.
by: George V. Hart
Year: 2009, Publisher: Johnes and Bartlett
ISBN: 978-0-7637712-6-3, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Universal Principles of Design
by: Lidwell, Holden, Butler
Year: 2003, Publisher: Rockport
ISBN: 978-1-5925358-7-3, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

Welding Skills, 2nd ed
by: R. T. Miller
Year: 1997, Publisher: ATP Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-8269300-7-1, Format: Hardcover, Status: Bookshelf

Wireless Hacks
by: Rob Flickenger
Year: 2003, Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 978-0-5960055-9-7, Format: Softcover, Status: Bookshelf

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