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TuxCASE for Arduino Mega is based on the TuxCASE for Arduino. This enclosure can be used with Arduino Mega as well as Arduino Uno.

The enclosure body is machined from domestic 6061-T6511 extruded aluminum bar stock. After two cnc machining operation with 9 tools, 77% of the original aluminum stock are removed. The clear cover is laser cut from .118" thick extruded acrylic. Ten 18-8 stainless 4-40 round philip machine screws are included for securing the Arduino board to the enclosure and for securing the clear top cover. Six additional mounting hole are drilled and chamfered at 100 degrees into the base of the enclosure.

The dimensional drawing for the Arudino Mega from Wayne and Layne was used as a design reference.

Product Images
Case_for_arduino_mega_0 Case_for_arduino_mega_2 Case_for_arduino_mega_3
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EpicTinker Union City, CA
IO Rodeo | Smart lab technology Pasadena, CA
TheCuriousPenguin Arcadia, CA
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