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Tux-Lab Product Section
Oct 22, 2012

A new Product section at was created to showcase the Tux-Lab products. Whenever possible, raw materials, machineries, and tooling produced domestically or from other democratic countries will be used.

We do our best to use open source software. There are times when an equivalent open source software is unavailable. However, in those situations we will continue to look for the possibility of using open source software in the future. We will also make available our product design and other supporting documents in the product page.

Our goal is to be as transparent as we can regarding our manufacturing process so our consumers can be better informed.

Thanks you.

Ejector & Return Pins
Jan 29, 2012

The meandering interest returns to the Simple Ejection Molding, picking up from a year ago, the building of the ejection assembly. 1/4" return spring pins and 3/16" ejectors pins were chosen.

The machining operation consist of spot drilling, then drilling, then reaming. The return pin holes went smoothly, but the drill snapped on the drilling of the ejector pin holes.

TheCuriousPenguin - 2012
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