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Tux-Lab Manufacturing Project
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A project based hackerspace for creating open source hardware using open source software.

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Fall 2009
Aug 30, 2009
PMT 58 - Industrial Design for Plastic
covers the basic design and manufacturing methods for plastic products. Kind of like rapid prototyping with your hands. Methods covered includes polyurethane soft mold, plaster molding for vacuum forming, foam board prototyping an d more to come.
PMT 59 - Injection Molding
\r\ncovers the injection molding process that details the principles of injection molding, the mold parts, and operation. The first half of the class is most lectures that covers the fundamentals from raw material to the molding process. The second part is mostly lab build on Paulson multi-media training modules
WMT 185 - CNC Woodworking from the class syllabus "introduces students to AlphaCAM software. . .Topics includes software operations, preparing G-Code. . and use of CNC router."

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