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Mechanical Parts
Jun 28, 2010

The cost of the mechanical parts are as follows. The actual cost is probably a little less. The parts where ordered from McMaster back in January so I don't remember how many "extra" parts I ordered that may have inflated the overall order. Anyway, the pulleys and the rods are a bit pricy.

Part Name Qty Vendor Vendor Part No Cost Ext Cost
Trapezoidal-Tooth Belt /ft 16 McMaster 7959K21 1.810 28.96
Timing Belt Pulley 20 Teeth 3 McMaster 1375K39 9.810 29.43
Timing Belt Pulley 60 Teeth 4 McMaster 1375K57 14.630 58.52
O1 Tool Steel Rod 3' 10 McMaster 88625K67 4.880 48.80
316 Stainless M8 Rod 8 McMaster 94185A160 11.95 95.60
Misc Spring, Bolt, and Nuts various McMaster various 107.68 107.68

Subtotal: 368.99

Extruder V2.0
Oct 22, 2009
Finding the parts for the laser cut acrylic RepStrap is proving to be quite challenging so the current plan is to build whatever component is available starting with the extruder while the rest of the components are located. It will be good exercise in SMT Soldering.

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