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Tux-Lab Manufacturing Project
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IO Rodeo

An amazing company that uses open source software to develop and manufacture open source "Smart Lab Technology" hardware.

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- IO Rodeo Task Summary -
Pillow Block Mount Completed 36.0 hr $250.00
Pendulum Turning Completed 24.0 hr $75.00

Pillow Block Mount | Completed | Last Update: 2012-07-16
Jun 09, 2011

Looking for an open source 3d cad solutions? IO Rodeo designed their water channel project using openscad and their py2scad python scripting plugin for openscad. Tux-Lab has the much simpler task of just machining a few parts. One of them was the pillow block mount.

The gcode was fairly simple and consist of three operations. Lesson learned was that a properl sized drill will be faster than using an endmill to mill the hole to size.

Pendulum Turning | Completed | Last Update: 2012-07-16
Sep 15, 2011
Completed 14 sets of aluminum cylinders for IORodeo's Pendulum sensor kit using the Haas TL-2 cnc lathe. The use of the gang tool allowed for the drilling and tapping operation to be completed with the lathe. A video of the process can be found on youtube.

TheCuriousPenguin - 2012
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